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Free Market Analysis Winder

When receiving a free market analysis in Winder from the Sharon Bicknell Team, you’ll get a wealth of skills, tools, knowledge, and experience in your corner. We’ll inspect and assess your home with detail and precision to ensure that the results reveal your home’s fair market value most accurately. And we’ll be with you throughout the remainder of your home sale, helping you with effective preparation.

We learn your home value through the CMA, which is a report that details how your home fares compared to similar properties in your area. We use criteria such as age, location, rooms, residence type, size, space, overall structure, and more. And we account for any new listings, recent sales, homes unable to sell, and the lengths of listing times for these homes within the past three to six months.

You deserve a free market analysis in Winder, not an expensive one. While a formal appraiser will be as thorough as us, their service will cost hundreds of dollars. You could get a free, quick estimate from an online value generator too. But those only calculate aggregate data to produce ballpark figures and don’t provide legitimate home inspections. Neither option will be in your corner during your home sale either.

I’m REALTOR® Sharon Bicknell, and my team and I are here to ensure that you go from your CMA to closing as quickly and efficiently as possible. With your CMA results, we can set a competitive price and identify your target buyer group. We can also help you determine how to boost your home’s value through repairs and upgrades. If you want a team on your side that protects your best interests, call us today.

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